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Youth Etiquette 
9th - 12th Grade Girls & Boys

This course is a eight-lesson course designed to bring high school students through various aspects of essential communication, socialization and dining skills necessary to progress into early adulthood.  The class is comprised of girls and boys.  

The syllabus includes:
  • Meeting People
  • Clothing & Personal Image Education 
  • College and Job Interviewing Skills
  • Prom and Formal Dining Skills
  • Seven-Course Dinner
  • Social Media & GadgEtiquette
  • Parent Student Wrap Up

Goals of the course are: 
  • To promote knowledgeable, courteous and considerate behavior toward others.
  • To develop the students' confidence in their knowledge and ability to handle demanding situations
  • To help the students appreciate their good points and concentrate on developing them. 
  • To educate students how to stand above the crowd when they are competing locally, nationally and globally for coveted spots at colleges and universities, a spot on the team or job in today's down economy.    
  • To help prepare our children for the rest of their lives.  

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